Dogs For Sale

This is a selection of the protection dogs we currently have for sale, please contact us for up to date information and availability. We also have sources for other dogs if there is a specific requirement.
Our dogs are trained to Protection Dog level or Executive Protection Dog level.

Protection Dog level dogs are obedience trained to sit, down, stay, walk to heel, recall and speak on command (bark when instructed)
They will take hold of an aggressor when instructed to do so, and release when instructed. All these disciplines are done on the leash.

Executive Protection Dogs are trained to do all of the above, on and off the leash, they are also trained to 'watch' and 'guard' and deal with multiple aggressors.

At this time we have no adult trained Personal Protection Dogs available. 
We now supply puppies sourced from the best lines with the potential to become excellent Personal Protection Dogs. We train the new owners and the dogs together during which time a strong bond and understanding between the team is forged. This allows for both the dog and owner to grow and learn together at their own pace.
If you would like more information on this process, please contact us.