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Sadly, crime and violent crime 
is part of our everyday life.
Despite Government pledges and promises to reduce the risk to the public,
crime is still very much active in our neighbourhoods both at home and at work.
The Police work hard day and night to do their best to protect us but still
crime plagues us all.
Most of us will have seen the Crimewatch programme on television and heard the presenters saying

"Please don't lose sleep,
these crimes really are quite rare"
Unfortunately, the victims portrayed on the programme will no doubt have also heard those reassuring words before the events that led to their appearance before the cameras.
Sadly, prior to meeting us, several of our clients had already fallen victim to mindless thugs that inflicted despicable injuries and suffering upon not just the victim but to the families who have on occasion witnessed their loved ones attacked and, powerless to help, have had to live with the after effects of the attack.
Tyson Protection Dogs do not seek to use scare mongering to get your attention, but, if you are viewing these pages, the thought has presumably crossed your mind that you may also run the risk of becoming a victim.
We at Tyson Protection Dogs are
in a position to use our own expertise
to help you fight back against
the risk of violent acts.

The trainers at Tyson Protection Dogs have spent most of their adult lives protecting the public whilst in service of the Greater Manchester Police. 
Spending many years as operational police dog handlers, our trainers still have the same drive and determination to offer that protection to you now. 
We are dedicated to protecting our clients by offering the most loyal, determined and highly trained Personal Protection Dog you could hope to own. We have personally experienced this mindless violence and know exactly what is required in a Personal Protection Dog to neutralise this threat.